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Big Man's Social Group of New York
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Fred Cicerelli/New York
Ryan Himpler/New York
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 Bob Hollenbeck/New Jersey
Michael Berardi
Chris Sabia /New York
Mark Guthrie/New York
Lamar Harrison /New York
Patrick Spike/Oregon
Eric Mitchell /Virginia
Ignacio Vidal/United Kingdom
Steven Dyer/United Kingdom
Donte Gomez/Pennsylvania
Michael Cowen/Massachusetts
Jon Lee Fulford/Florida
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Dean Davis/Tennesee
Johnnathan Korver/California
Tim Medeiros-Tanner /Massachusetts
Fred Szczesniak/New York
Justin Allen/Pennsylvania
Patrick Goodnow/Conneticut
New York
Wally Planell/New York
AJ/New York
John Nicolini/New York
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 Mike Searson/New york
 Scyrus Cartwright III/Georgia
Lennie Watts/New York
Edward/New York
Bill Williams?Florida
Kenny Royal/New York
Jacob Wood/New York
Billy Deegan/New york
John R. Botti/New York
Jonas Nolasco/New York
Faisal Shahat/Florida
 Doug and John Meister/Conneticut
Alexander Tijerina/Massachusetts
Wai Khoo/New York
Paul Hurteau/Massachusetts
Kevin Bowen/New York
Benjamin Biordi/New York
Robert B. Droge/Pennsylvania
Robert Roberts/New York
Boy Johnny /Malasia
Dr Donald R Drake DD, PhD/Conneticut
Michael Vicchiullo/New York
Marcos Oliveira de Sa/Minnesota
Howard Williams/Tennessee
Connect. Meet. Socialize.
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Safe Sex
Jimmy/New York
Gregory K. Chubboy/Florida
Pito/New York
ShyMatsi/New Jersey
Phil Santomaso/New Yok
Barry Naroff/New York
Robert Dammen/Las Vegas
Sean Turner
Nicholas Cimato/New York
Joey fritzinger
Andrew Ricker/New Jersey
James Coolier/New York
Myron DeCoteau/Minnesota
Michael Butkewicz/New York
Ronnie Gentry/Iowa
James Vickers/West Virginia
George Maurice Brown/New York
Paul Bua
Dan Romero/New York
Peter Gennat/New Jersey
Jesse DeLeon,Texas
Xavier R. Coleman/Kentucky
michael mcaloney/Canada
Ed Vasta/New York
Ernie Cook/Minnesota
Alex/New Jersey
John Bustamante/Brooklyn, New York. My name is John and I am from Brooklyn; specifically
Jon Quince/Elmhurst, New York
James Yeomans/Ohio
Barry Snyder/new York. Mature musclebear chaser/admirer looking for superchubs with big tits who love their size & maybe want to continue gaining
Miguel/New York
Eddy Diaz/New York. I am a gay Latino male living on the Upper West Side. looking to meet new friends activity buddies and open to leading towards a relationship. I currently ambulate via a wheel chair. I'm 59 yrs old 5'11
Jeffrey Louis Griest/Pennsylvania
Frank Malvasi/New Jersey. Partnered big bear here happy to see a new group for the big boys in the metro area :)
CortÚs Fernando/Argentina. Friends, Couple, friendships, exercise social human kind
Paul Ricard/Conneticut
Ralph G/NYC.  Seeking Friendship
Michael Ryerson/New Jersey
Juan Torres Jr/New York. I'm looking to meet with chubby men for friendship and support
matthew burrier
Antonio Rivera/ Bronk, New York. Looking for Chubby Chasers and Mr. Right
Alex Wheeler/Vermont
Steven Manousos/Queens, New York
Kenneth Paul Warren/NorthCarolina. I'm here to meet new people and have fun.
Anthony Memminger/New York. I'm excited to join. I hear so many good things!
Robert DeJesus/New York
Paul B./ New York
Jonathan Charow/Massachusetts. 	Chat, friends, to start, meet people
Shawn Walsh/Pennsylvania. Social fun
Yoshito McLaughlin
Frank De Luque/New York
Courtney Childress/New York
Jack chaser
Jim Galetsis/Kentucky
Waldo Corcuera/Philippines
Philip Santiago/New York
Brad Lee/Tennesee
Aaron Carbaugh/New York. Interests: Gaming, chatting, going out for a drink, travel.
Kyle Medeiros/New York
CJ FARMER/Tampa, Florida
Keith R/New York
Jim/Texas. Seeking friends,lover
Vernon Dilks/Deleware. Seeking friends, etc.
James McLaughlin/New York. Local friends to hang with.
Angel guzman/New York
Paul Rutgersen/New York
Andre Smith/New York
Jesse DeLeon/Texas
Chris Renteria/New Jersey
Gregory Crawford/Indiana
Christopher J. Elliott/San Diego California. Interests: Music, movies and writing. Looking for: A place to be social with men who have similar interests.
Cory/ Interests: Travel, music, concerts, cooking. Looking for: Friends & open to possibly something more.
Arnulfo martinez martinez/Mexico. Interests: Music and big men. Looking for: Socialize and a ltr.
John McClernan/ New York. Interestes:Looking for friends. Looking for: Friendship!
Daniel Macmillan/New York. I  am secure & happy with myself, but...Life is meant for 2. A little bit about myself: I enjoy travel, beach, camping by a lake, kayaking, music, & beach parties. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor. So let's just relax...become friends & get to know each other... and see what happens.
David Channells. Seeking Chubs, maybe a date!
Jonathon Royko/New York. 	Movies, Dinner and a good time
Paul Anthony Rossy/New jersey. Interestes include: Books, Internet, Movies, Music, Socializing, Television
Ron Tucker/Kentucky. Interestsd: Maybe if the chemistry is right would love to have a realtionship!
Kendall Blakemore/Oklahoma, OK. I am looking to meet new people and just see where it goes from there
Raymond Bordonaro/ New York. Interests: Cooking, entertaining, helping others ! I have a wonderful loving partner but we are in a completely monogomouse relationship but like to make new friends !
Terry Kline/Pennsylvania. I am a single guy looking for friendship. I enjoy going to the movies, out to eat and to NYC to see shows.
Rob morris/Maryland. Seeking Friends/chat/LTR/boyfriend
Kurt Barak/New York.
Jeff Passarella/NY. To expand my social group which is lacking in gay friends
Teodoro Mino/New Jersey. Seeking Community/Friendship.
Dan Murphy/Colorado Springs, Colorado
Brendon Hazel. Looking to meet some guys that are interested in big men.
Ronald Bacelo/ North Carolina. Looking for: Friends and Socializing. My interests are: Racing, Graphic Design, Promoting Events
Christopher/NYC. Seeking: Friends / Fun / Love. My interests are: Art, Photography, Gardening.
Jim Bauman/Bellvue, Nebraska. I am a big guy looking for a LTR.
Michael Amolsch/Ohio. Seeking Big men and Bears for friendships.
Wes Campbell/Brooklyn,NY. gaming, reading, cooking, sci-fi/fantasy, swimming. Seeking friends, maybe a date.
Barry D. Naroff/Forest Hills,NY. Seeking to meet and socialize with BIG men/LTR/Marriage
Ed/ Algeria. I am an admirer, seeking friends and a relationship with a chub.
Mike Martin/ Long Island, New York. Interests: Sports, books, movies, theatre, amusement parks, travel. I am seeking: To meet new people and maybe make some new friends.
Jason W./ New York. Seeking friends, maybe a partner! Finding roomates to live with since I'm going to be moving to nyc soon.
Gary Thomas/Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I am a 21 year old male and I am considered a chaser. I have a very nice personality and love to make people laugh. I also like to try and be social with the gay community including the bear community as well. I may not be rich but I'm not poor either. But I want to try and help in any way I can.
Chubbo Ropetti/NewYork. I want to meet intresting peoples and chat with handsome men.. or is the vice-versa?